Heel prettig gewerkt aan het verbeteren van de stabiliteit van de enkel van mijn dochter van 7.

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A. Visser, Hilversum

Simon really understands the athlete’s body and works to restore balance with humour and ease. Our son (11) has built a great relationship with him as he aims to become a top tennis player. Simon know the tennis world well, as he was a top Junior player, and is able to share his experiences with our son which helps build the trust you need with your fysio. He is our ‘go to’ guy at the first sign of something ‘a bit off’ and he has been super flexible to accommodate us with tournaments schedules, etc. We highly recommend him.

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K. Carney

Simon did an amazing job with our daughter. She was in a lot of pain when she started her treatment but within weeks she got stronger and was able to return to her sports quicker than expected. Highly recommend

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G. White

Thanks for knowing what is needed and just great therapy

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N. Lowe

My teenage son was complaining of a sore back. Simon diagnosed the problem and explained the cause clearly to us. A number of physio sessions have improved his back and flexibility, and also motivated him to be more active and engaged with sports. A great result. Thanks Simon

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A. Mclay